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Online Promotion

Do you have a nice website, but are lacking in clients? It’s time for you to start the online promotion. Our online department is specialized in pay per click (PPC) promotion, on the most important platforms in the field.

Whether we speak of conversion objectives, posts, engagement, or clicks, Google Ads, YouTube or Facebook, Instagram or TikTok, our specialists are there for you. Or perhaps you like influencers, or want to be present with banners on the most important websites in our country, we can also help you on that point.

Google Ads is currently one of the most effective online promotion modalities, particularly if you have an online store. Google Ads, in combination with a SEO strategy and well thought out content, is the secret of the excellent results obtained by your direct competitors in your business niche, which is precisely why it also needs to become your long-term strategy.

Facebook Ads offers you the extraordinary opportunity to come in contact with a vast audience, which would be harder to reach through other online marketing strategies. Moreover, Facebook Ads allows for an advanced targeting of the audience, which gives you the advantage of being able to choose your audience according to very specific criteria, and to thus create a perfect advertising strategy.

When we implement a Facebook Ads campaign for you, we make sure that we analyze in advance all the business variables and that, based on these, we configure a profitable campaign, that helps you obtain conversions, i.e. real business results.

The conclusion? We will make the products and services you sell visible exactly where over 10 million Romanians spend their time, which is just as many potential customers for you.

Or perhaps you like banner campaigns and you also want to capitalize on the programmatic, the service that specifically targets the user.

We have a lot to tell you about online promotion, we are looking forward for you to contact us, so that we may speak to you about all the wonderful things that we can do.

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